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1. Eggplant: 4, medium

2. Ground beef: 200g

3. Onion: 2, small

4. Tomato paste: 2 Tbsp

5. Parmesan cheese: 4 Tbsp

6. Tomato, chopped: 4, large

7. Garlic: 2 cloves

8. Parsley: 2 Tbsp

9. Basil: 2 tsp

10. Lemon: 1

11. Salt, pepper, ginger


Make it this way:


1. Peel eggplants and open a gap inside them. Fry them with a little oil till become slightly soft.

2. Fry onions and garlic and put half of this mix aside for sauce.

3. Add the meats to the other half of fried ingredients and keep frying.

4. Add ginger and tomato paste and continue frying till its color looks good.

5. Add parsley to the meat mix and fry it for 5 more minutes.

6. Add peeled tomato and its juice in a pan that you fried the meat, cook well.

7. Cook the other half of onions with lemon peel, basil and pepper.

8. 10 minutes would be enough for them, then add fresh lemon juice and wait for 5 more minutes.

9. Pour the sauce in the suitable bowl.

10. Fill the eggplants with meat mix and put it in sauce. Don’t let the ingredients come out of the eggplants.

11. Cover the bowl and put it in 200 ° C oven for 20 minutes. Serve with parmesan cheese.