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Coconut powder: 250 gram



Make it this way:


1. Pour coconut powder in a mixer or food maker and turn it on.

2. Continue for 5 minutes. If coconuts stick on the wall, remove it with a clean spoon.

3. Continue 5 more minutes and let the mix become smooth and oily.

4. Let it rest in room temperature for a while until butter is cool.

5. Pour in a clean jar glass and store at room temperature.



1. To be sure about fat in the coconut powder you're using, pour a little of it on a white paper and wait a few seconds. If there is a fat stains on the paper, the powder is good for making butter.

2. Coconut butter has light sweet taste and there is no need to add sugar.

3. Storing the butter in refrigerator cause the texture to become firm. Before using, leave it at room temperature for a while.



Energy in 1 tbsp: 93 calories