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How to cook stuffed eggplant for lunch or dinner

Eggplant: 4 medium

Ground beef: 200g

Onion: 2 small

Tomato paste: 2 Tbsp

Parmesan cheese: 4 Tbsp

Tomato: 4 large (peeled and chopped)

Garlic: 2 cloves

Parsley: 2 Tbsp

Basil: 2 tsp

Lemon juice: 2 Tbsp

Lemon zest: ½ Tbsp

Oil: 2 Tbsp

Salt: 3 tsp

Black pepper: ½ tsp

Red pepper: ¼ tsp

Fresh ginger: ½ tsp

Tomato juice or Boiled water: 1 ½ cup


Make it this way:

1. Peel the eggplants and cut a 3-4 cm deep slice in them, then fry them in 1 Tbsp of oil until they become a little soft.

2. Fry onions and garlic with the rest of the oil and put half of it aside for sauce.

3. Add the beef to the onions in the pan and keep searing them.

4. Add ginger, half of the salt, pepper, and tomato paste and keep searing them until they become a little cooked.

5. Add the parsley to the pan and cook for 5 more minutes, then put it aside.

6. Divide the fried beef into 4 even parts and fill the eggplants with them.

7. Add 1 Tbsp of parmesan on top of each eggplant.

8. Use the saved onion and garlic mix with the rest of the spices, parsley, lemon juice, lemon zest, tomato, and tomato juice and heat them until it starts to boil.

9. Heat the sauce for 5-10 minutes until it concentrates.

10. Place the eggplants in the sauce and cook it with closed lid for 5-10 minutes until the cheese melt.

11. Serve with fresh bread, green salad, and lemonade.


Preparation Time: 15
Cook Time: 70
Total Time: 85
Serving: 4
Calories: 900


Recipe for stuffed eggplant 



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