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1. Minced meat: 200g


2. Onion: 1, medium

3. Tomato powder: 2 tsp

4. Turmeric: 2 tsp

5. Parsley: 1 tbsp

6. Basil: 1 tbsp

7. Salt: 1 tsp

8. Red Pepper: ½ tsp

9. Ginger: ½ tsp


1. Wheat: 1 Cup

2. Tomato: 1, large

3. Peppermint: 1 tbsp

4. Butter: 15g

5. Salt and pepper


Make the kebab this way:

1. Finely chop the onions. Cook half of it in 1 tbsp of olive oil.

2. Knead the meat with the other half of onions.

3. Add spices and keep kneading.

4. Divide the meat into four even parts and flat them around skewer.

5. Place it in a cool place for about half an hour.

6. Put foil under kebabs.

7. Grill in barbeque for half an hour and serve with some cheddar cheese.


Make the wheat this way:

1. Soak the wheat in warm water for half an hour, cook the wheat in 3 cup of water with butter and a little bit of salt.

2. Add chopped tomatoes and mint when water leveled with wheat.

3. Wait till the water runs out, stir the ingredients and give it a time about 10-15 minutes on low flame till they get flavored. Serve with lemon juice.