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Potato: 1, large, minced

Mushroom: 250 g, minced

Celery: ½ cup, chopped

Mung bean sprout: 1 cup

Starch: 3 tbsp

Beef juice: 1 cup

Chicken juice: 1, ½ cup

Salt: ⅔ cup

Fresh black pepper: 1 tsp


Make it this way:


1. Put potatoes and celery in a pot, pour beef juice on it and place it on stove.

2. Cook them for 20 minutes or until potatoes are baked.

3. Add mushrooms and chicken juice. To prevent mushrooms color from changing, don’t close the lid.

4. Give it 10 minutes until it boils.

5. Take ½ cup of boiled water and mix it with starch in another dish until well mixed.

6. Pour starch mix in the soup and mix it gently until soup becomes thick.

7. Add sprouts, salt and pepper and cook for 5 more minutes.

8. Serve with grilled potato, feta cheese and sweet bread.



1. You can use wheat sprouts in place of mung bean sprouts.

2. Don’t overcook sprouts. In this soup, sprouts must be a little crispy and chewy.

3. If you use beef juice and chicken juice that already has salt, be careful about using salt.



Energy: 300 calories